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More than Just “Stories”, Sprucing Instagram Account for Optimal Promotion

Instagram or IG Stories have accommodated for various purposes, from coffee type recommendation to special event roundup. Vertically-designed, Instagram Stories enables Instagrammers sharing video or photo with short duration, from five to 15 seconds.

Boldee mustn’t take the brief duration for granted. Instagram creates the feature as an alternative for a number of Instagrammers who dislike scrolling their feeds. They regard Instagram Stories as more attractive and updated.

As Instagram regularly updates the feature, so do you, Boldee. Here are our four tips for making the feature as efficient and engaging platform for free promotion.

Getting Creative in Content Creation

Instagram Stories are notable for its simple and informative attributes. Study these characteristics for getting creative in content creation. Make videos, for instance, that will grab people’ attention within 24 hours. Upload your story at least one per day.

Maximizing the Stories’ Features

Instagram Stories has a lot of features, from filters to stickers. For example, superzoom, text mode, GIF, templates, question box, polling, countdown, quiz etc. They really suit youngsters’ personalities who love something fun and playful. Experiment with the features to interact with your followers. If necessary, create surveys about your products or services that directly touch their daily lives. Don’t forget to include the amusing stickers or filters in the surveys. Highlight important content in your IG bio for allowing people viewing it later on.

Leaving “Curious” Impression

Instagram Stories serve as a good way for leaving “curious” impressions, especially for newcomers of your Instagram business account. Given the short video duration, create high-quality content that conveys core information you wish to share. From brand profile to product promo, make one that stimulate people’ curiosity. As such, they will visit your profile account then increase web traffic and brand awareness.

Using Carousel Format

In Instagram Stories, photo story lasts up to five seconds whilst video story runs 15 seconds at the maximum. Carousel format combines photo and video formats in one content. Therefore, your followers can see your content sequentially and take some actions, like ‘tap here’, hold the content, and ‘swipe up’ feature, then click specific links that you provide.

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