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Three Key Trends in Beauty Industry

Lately, trends beauty industry has shown its ability to determine the future. Technology has helped this industry providing products for all races, skin tones and body types. The sector has thus gone a long way from “ancient, segregated” beauty standards to indiscriminate ones.

The innovation isn’t the sole contributor for the success of the industry. Digital marketing perspective plays as much role as the technology for reaping the fruits. The promotional tool wraps on-point strategies to attract and retain customers, such a pivotal element for gaining more potential buyers. So how will Boldee utilize the general insights for making yours as successful as the rest? We thus break the views down into three trends that will hopefully benefit yours.

1. Importance of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence or what we usually call AI has an important role in the beauty industry. Let’s describe how important it is through AI handheld colorimeter digital scanner. The tool has a proprietary algorithm that makes it able to detect 20,000 different shades. That helps customers picking up which shades of foundation that best meet their skin colours. Another AI-based product is virtual “try-on” features on apps that allow customers trying lipstick shades and choosing the right colours without trying the products directly. No more wrong shade buying!

2. Power of YouTube Video

Social media contents produce great impression nowadays. No wonder that the beauty industry uses them as one of their powerful strategies to promote their products and services. We can easily find beauty gurus and content creators who make tutorial and review videos on their YouTube channels. The videos assist customers to determine which products or services that they really need. Makeup tutorial videos, in particular, help viewers trying on their own anytime, anywhere.

3. Beauty Influencer Marketing

Besides tutorial and review videos, we recommend the beauty industry to collaborate with beauty influencers in many different platforms. Beauty bloggers, vloggers, Instagram influencers, and celebrities have great impacts on the sector because of their own audiences. Many customers look for expert recommendations and they are the best examples, from which audiences can steal beauty tips and tricks. Thus, if you run business about beauty product and service, choose right beauty influencers then map them into your targeted market.


Those are three key trends in the beauty industry that can help Boldee’s business in the segment growing well. Choosing correct strategies will create Boldee’s business brand image through customer brand awareness. We’re on standby mode to assist Boldee along the way.

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