UX Design as the Extra Point for More Healthcare Benefits in 2020

Digitization in healthcare system has been around in the past few years. Back then, we needed to consult a doctor at a clinic or hospital. Hours of waiting with pricey fee must be spent for that service. And not all of us found it comfortable talking to doctor for our health problems.

Thanks for the digitized healthcare that we discover amazing and helpful wellness innovations for keeping our health in check. Affordable and user-friendly, at least we find five innovations that remind us that staying healthy comes from simple things we do on a daily basis. While that seems sufficient, we’re bringing you how that advantages will grow inclusively with user experience or UX-based design this year:


If Boldee is new to smartwatch, you’ll soon be amazed by how much the gadget informing how well or poor you treat your body. By putting it in your arms, the gadget counts how many steps you make every day. You can set the gadget for measuring your sleep quality, heart rate or blood pressure.

More interestingly, the gadget provides you with data about the crucial healthcare elements. You can read the data while you do daily activities. And as a communication tool, the gadget connects you to people and the world. We are expecting many smartwatch producers making user experience or UX-based design this year. We’re going to find the update very helpful to understand the data alongside accurate information it contains.


Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) will help making patients safe and calm during treatments. The breakthroughs provide health-related experiences and simulations that provide patients insights what will they receive. The ideas are expected to make patients feeling readier to face operations, among others. In addition, the VR will entertain patients through games thereby will put patients in more relaxed modes. Similar to the wearables, we’re expecting AR is using UX-based designs for complementing information on, for instance, surgical planning and diagnosis on digital devices.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence or AI brings such tremendous impacts for the healthcare system. We feel the positive effects in the years that went by and we’re hoping more small but essential benefits come out from this innovation.

AI, which is usually called as a human-like system, acts like a human assistant for your health-related matters. Usually, this innovation takes in a form of chatbots in health-related applications. This helps patients to have a human-like discussion with an AI doctor and therapist. This truly helps us saving time for making appointment and consultation.

Applying UX-based designs will boost users’ conveniences. We’re expecting more chatbots will take users’ feedbacks as basic foundations from which applications are set up. In general, applying UX-based designs will better convey health explanation and make communication easier between users and doctors. In addition to chatbots, there’s telemedicine that functions as medicine reminder hence users will take pills on the right time.

Voice User Interface

Voice User Interface (VUI) is a new innovation that is practical and helpful for gaining optimum benefits with movement and visual sensing. For example, Alexa, offers such an ease for its users while doing exercises. Count on the gadget for recording movements while doing favourite sports or other activities.

UX-Based Application

Another key of success in healthcare UX is providing a feature for sharing personal experiences that contain information about medical treatment for improving users’ knowledge. Healthcare UX that uses this feature is AbleTo, an app to help people who suffer mental health problems. The app really helps the patients to control their own treatment.

We’re expecting makers of the app to create more personalized experience that stems from overall well-being awareness and comprehensive medical expressions. These efforts will make the patients having memorable moments. In a whole, do a research on patient engagement for making healthcare UX more fruitful.


UX health service innovation will continue to develop. Stay up-to-date on latest medical product designs that speak volumes than mere pictures. Don’t forget to stay focused on the valuable service points to bettering people’s lives. Need help for your UX design health service? Please do not hesitate to call us right away.

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