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UX Design Tips for User’s Positive Impression and Loyalty

It’s getting common people uninstall certain apps right after they download it. When downloading apps, users have their own expectations. But when some factors going incorrectly, some of them prefer to uninstall it. These may occur within just a few minutes or hours after downloading them. 

Some of the reasons for doing so is due to unmet expectations regarding design and functionality. As such, it’s imperative for capturing their hearts through proper UX designing prior to the app launching. We’re sharing with you five ways to not only keep their eyes glued at your apps but also increase users’ loyalty with UX design.

1. Knowing Users’ Expectations

Knowing users’ expectations serve as a good entrance before meeting theirs. While it’s true each and every user has their own desires, you can draw some general expectations. These will lay solid foundations for creating responsive apps. 

To reach the goal, a UX designer will need to closely study typical users’ behaviors in regards to apps or websites they will create. This is a challenge for all UX designers that once they can complete the mission, users will stick faithful to your apps or websites because their expectations are fulfilled. 

2. Making Easy-to-Use Apps

Users want to have an app that allows them doing various things but without taking up a lot of space. For achieving the purpose, you need to be transparent with your applications. Make one app that makes it easy to use regardless the software size. As an instance, organize the apps’ functions in such a way for making the homepage a friendly social feed. On top of the apps, display little extra stuffs. 

3. Applying A User Stimulus Tactic

Drag the users’ attentions closer to your website with intentional user stimulus tactic. You can try creating a homepage that consists of selected information. Furthermore, users can group the information into small packages hence their scrolling time can be worth it. 

4. Creating Unique and Engaging Design

The more unique your design, the more users will fall in love from their first sight then stay loyal. A rising web traffic will increase the engagement of your app. Therefore, try keeping up the characteristics of the app.

5. Using A ‘Wow Factor’

Show users what they can do with your app and don’t forget to classify and position the info perfectly. It will give you endless flowing choices and keep you engaged. Keep all these “rules” in mind while designing your app homepage. You will see the whole thing unfolded by itself.

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