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Captivating Users Through These Four Mobile Interface Design Tips

Mobile apps are growing and increasing in number nowadays. Each mobile app developer is innovating for making a platform that is designed for attracting as possibly many users. Moreover, a mobile app developer is improving design and content for providing better experiences. As such, users will stick to it and share their stories to others.

So, how will Boldee create one mobile app that meets the two goals? How will you make one that nets new users while embrace existing ones at the same time? We’re sharing four tips that will help Boldee designing attractive and personal mobile interface, a defining aspect within an overall mobile app:

Calculating the Ratio

When you design the user interface, always remember that every gadget has its own display ratio. Make sure that your design fits into the mobile screen. You can simplify your design and use a readable font size. Keep this element in sync with the content and function of the app.

Making Your Own Design Language

We recommend you making a self-made design language that complies with operation systems, such as iOS and Android. Work on the principles of the design language based on user-friendly mobile interface design concept.

Taking Display Size into Account

Different devices have different displays and resolutions. We recommend you making responsive designs for your mobile user interface that will automatically adjust to users’ movements. The designs will automatically be changed into landscape or portrait settings as they move their smartphones. Add a useful and aesthetically-pleasing product that will help you upgrading the interface design.

Creating Interactive Spots

Tactile and available spots will serve as interactive areas where which users can find your application engaging. Make proper size for the interactive spots for accommodating good experiences as users move their hands on the mobile app. Creating a good composition will improve the quality of your UI mobile interface design.


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