SEO & SEM for Dummies

Have you heard about SEO or SEM in your daily life? For those of you who have a business, you’ll need both for increasing traffic traffic to your website or blog. Doing so will better promote and market your business. 

For some of you who still find the terms relatively new, check out our following brief explanation. Understanding the terms will benefit you for seeking information in the internet. 

SEO At A Glance 

Search Engine Optimization, SEO in short, is useful for increasing number of visitors at your website. The higher the amount of clicks, the bigger chance your website or blog standing in the first page of Search Engine Result Page or SERP is. 

Increase the potential high traffic by using best keywords for your website and get organic traffic rise for free. Develop your analytical skill, competitive attitude and cultivate a great strategy to set the proper keywords. Three months are typically needed to get an optimal result of your SEO performance

SEM: the Sister of SEO

Search Engine Marketing or SEM, on the surface, performs as general role as SEO. SEM works in tandem with SEO for adding number of website or blog visitors. Both aims for putting the website or blog in the first page of SERP.

In particular, SEM plays a role as an online advertising for marketing your products. Online shops and marketplaces often use SEM in their marketing strategies. Unlike SEO, SEM requires some prior payment according to pay-per-click system or a certain period of time that you choose. You can see the result faster depending on how much money you spend and targeted audience setting.

Get Help from the Expert

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