Working on Digital Key Performance Indicators to Drive Sales

Many digital agencies do their own researches and study cases for discovering the right digital Key Performance Indicators/KPIs. Broadly speaking, KPI is a set of indicators for determining whether or not a company’s effort is effective.

In terms of digital marketing, the KPI helps formulating key elements for keeping digital marketing campaigns on track. It is expected the KPI will guide the marketing method reaching the goals through frequent and consistent content making and promotion.

Without further ado, here are our three steps for making the digital KPI to increase your sales.

Deciding the Business Objectives and the Targets

Find your own business objectives along with the target. Commonly, business objectives include brand awareness, customer loyalty and behaviour. Break each of the two big goals into certain KPIs then act accordingly.

Turning the Objectives into KPIs

In relation to brand awareness, create a set of digital key performance indicators that will be broken into concrete aspects. For example, your company hopes to introduce your brand to certain amount of targeted audiences within certain amounts of months or years. Furthermore, create digital contents based on the targeted brand awareness indicators. You can count small tokens, such as number of likes or comments on social media accounts, as rough indicators.

From there, you can reshape your strategy until it meets the KPIs regarding the aspect. As the brand awareness efforts progress, you’ll need to examine consumer loyalty and behaviour. Typically, the stronger the brand awareness, the more likely faithful the consumers are. And their behaviours can be studied in line with the development of the two.

Setting Action Plans

After the two are completed, it’s time to work on them. Create action plans for executing the goals. Inform the KPIs to your working partners thereby they will support achieving the purposes, especially on sale increase.

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